Who will be the next victim of the deadly disease known as “LASIK”? The question becomes: when will Las Vegas reopen? The answer is: anytime. For the past three months, all nonessential parts of the casino and hotel on the Las Vegas strip were closed. The remainder of the hotel will re-open soon. But, until then, the casinos are open!

The lack of a full staff and emergency personnel has meant that the emergency response teams have had to take on more dangerous assignments. The medical response team was also forced to bolster its capabilities in preparation for any medical emergencies that may occur in the event of a LASIK mishap. One member of the medical response team was recently reassigned to handle an “out of area” case, because there were not enough doctors to cover the area surrounding the casinos. The result of this understanding is that patients are being turned away from the emergency rooms in record numbers.

In order to reduce the chances of medical complications during an emergency, and to increase patient care, the casinos have implemented some quality improvement areas within their emergency response plans. Currently, all emergency hospitals located outside of the Strip are required to have a Level II trauma center. However, all Las Vegas casinos have implemented safety plans that incorporate some social distancing from the Strip. A Level III trauma center is now required.

Another significant change is the lighting at all Las Vegas casinos. It has been mandated that all lighting fixtures in all casino buildings are high-pressure LED. This change is being touted as the biggest step toward improving the general appearance of Las Vegas. Many tourists are impressed by the lighting and want to take notice of what all the fuss is about. Just remember though, that it is just a phase two of when will las Vegas reopen.

Some local residents are concerned that the lack of planning for when will las Vegas reopen has led to problems with the homeless. Unfortunately, the answer is that the increased foot traffic caused by the tourists, will in fact increase the number of individuals looking for a place to sleep. This increase in overnight visitors will, in turn, cause an increase in traffic problems. However, the number of homeless people in the city has significantly decreased since the opening of the casinos.

When will las Vegas reopen with all the shows? Right after the dust clears, it will be time to open the casinos again with all the shows. Right after Labor Day all the shows should be back on. Labor Day is usually the best time to have all the shows back on. Most people are happy with the change because everything is going smoothly with the casinos.

There was a community meeting held by the city of Las Vegas. During this meeting they released the new community safety plan. This community safety plan is in effect until July 7th. Once the new community safety plan has been put into place, residents and business owners can start enjoying their Las Vegas trips once again. The city did stress that the new community safety plan is only one step in improving the quality of life in the city.

Other companies will be involved in the cleaning and refurbishment process. There will be several demolition teams that will work around the clock removing old concrete. There will also be new safety measures put into place. When will las Vegas reopen without any accidents? The casinos will be open and operating at all times, but without any accidents. It is just a matter of time before everything goes back to normal.