The most convenient way to get to and from Las Vegas is using a Las Vegas hotel. Most of the hotels in Vegas are located right on the strip. The hotel you choose should be one that is centrally located in an area that has all of the activities that you want to do while attending the Vegas convention center. Here are some tips to help you choose a hotel near the convention center in Las Vegas.

what hotels are near the las vegas convention center

First, ask what kinds of special packages the hotel offers. There is likely to be some that offer a free breakfast or some other kind of special treat for you before you arrive at the hotel. Some hotels will give you the use of a limousine as well. This will make your hotel experience that much better, especially if you do not like to travel by yourself. Look for packages that are best value for your money.

Second, decide what you are looking for in a hotel. You may want a hotel that offers its guests some kind of restaurant or casino entertainment while they are staying at the hotel. Or, you may prefer a suite with its own private pool. Or, you may prefer a hotel that provides a shuttle to and from the convention center so that you can easily get to your hotel. The choice is yours.

Third, make sure the hotel you select provides the kinds of services that you want. For instance, do you need a fully equipped kitchen or a business center with conference room? If you have a large group, you may want to consider a larger room so that everyone gets equal attention and the sound clarity of the audio and video systems is excellent. If you do a lot of teleconferences or want your meeting to be held in a more quiet environment, then you will want to look at one of the smaller hotels that can provide this kind of feature.

Fourth, research the reputation of the hotel. You may not know it, but the people who work at the hotel are experts and they know all of the amenities and services that are available at each of the hotels in the area. Thus, if you are staying at one of the newer hotels, you might not want to choose one of the older ones simply because these might not have what you need. Yet, an old hotel can be just as comfortable as one of the newer ones.

Fifth, consider how convenient the hotel is. If you will be attending the conference from a location other than the convention center, you might have to travel. Even if you do not leave from the hotel, it is still quite convenient to be there when you get there. Some hotels offer shuttle services to and from the convention center, or if you stay on the ground floor of one of the newer hotels, you can ask the concierge to find a cab for you to go to and from the hotel.

Sixth, consider the quality of the accommodations. You might think that the most prestigious hotels would have to be the best, but often times, this is not the case. Some of the lower class hotels can be just as comfortable as some of the best hotels. They just might not offer the same luxurious amenities that the more elite hotels do. Thus, you might want to compare the quality of the accommodations in one of the low class hotels with one of the high class Las Vegas hotels.

Seventh, make sure that the hotel offers all of the services you need for your conference. If you are planning a retreat, you might want to consider what services you would like the conference center to offer. Many of the conferences occur after hours, so you need a place that has a full staff that can cater to your needs. A good conference center would be able to arrange all of these services for you so that you can focus on the important aspects of your conference.