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Top 3 Hotels in Las Vegas

For travelers, it is hard to imagine two more different bodies of water than the one in which Las Vegas is. This stretch of river on the east edge of the Las Vegas Strip is a feast for the eyes from sunrise to sunset. From gambling casinos to nightclubs, this stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard is something you don’t want to miss. In fact, there are some things you have to do before you can get into Vegas itself! You need to know what you are getting into first.

Las Vegas, formally known as the City of Las Vegas as well as frequently referred to as just Vegas, is the fastest growing urban area in the United States, second only to Los Angeles. In its present form, the strip is made up of seven neighborhoods: the Venetian, North Vegas Boulevard, downtown Las Vegas, Hendersonville, southwest Vegas, Oahu, and North Vegas Boulevard. Of those, only Oahu and north Vegas are considered to be parts of the main article of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

While it is true that the city limits of Las Vegas are incorporated into the name of the town, many residents and tourists tend to refer to the strip by itself. This is unfortunate because even if you are not living in or visiting Las Vegas proper, you have probably seen at least part of it through the windows of your hotel or even on the TV news. That being said, there are some important differences between the Las Vegas strip and the other Las Vegas Metropolitan areas. The main one is the legal separation between the Strip and the rest of the city. While all of the legal subdivisions of Las Vegas are indeed incorporated into the city limits, the Las Vegas Strip remains its own entity. Therefore, when driving on the Strip, you should take care to drive into the outer limits of the town, or to the south and west of Las Vegas Strip to avoid being pulled over by police for illegal gambling.

Beyond the city limits, the strip has become somewhat of an attraction for travelers looking for a little Vegas fun. Walking along the famous Las Vegas strip is a great way to just get away and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Of course, this also includes some legal business. It is illegal to run gambling within the city limits, but most hotels, casinos, restaurants, etc. allow outside consumption of alcohol with valid ID. Many people do choose to drink and gamble on the Las Vegas strip, but it is strictly restricted and it is a great way to have Las Vegas fun while avoiding the problems associated with it.

Traveling to and from Las Vegas is a popular past time for visitors to the entire metropolitan area. Although flying into the area is still considered to be the most convenient option for visitors, it does tend to be the most expensive. You can fly into the Las Vegas metropolitan area and take a train into the city. This is an ideal solution if you don’t mind walking around the metro area.

A quick trip into the downtown area of las Vegas will bring you to one of the most famous attractions in las Vegas, the glitzy Las Vegas Convention Center. There are many shows that can be seen at this beautiful venue and many of the shows can be seen on television. The food at the convention center is some of the best in the world. In addition to all of the shows and music that can be found in this amazing facility, you can walk down the main aisle of the convention center and see the gold & silver strip. It is truly breathtaking.

If you are looking for something a bit less glamorous, you might want to consider a visit to the famous Silver Line station on the Las Vegas Strip. Here you will find a train of passenger automobiles with lights along the way. The trains stop at each of the seven stations on the Las Vegas Strip. A great part of the Silver Line’s design is that the cars can be folded up like a bag and brought as a carry on. This makes the experience even more fun and allows you to visit all seven stations without having to worry about carrying a large amount of luggage.

Finally, to cap off our tour of the Las Vegas Strip we should mention the famous Summerlin Hotel. This luxurious hotel sits at the base of the Grand Canyon and overlooks Lake Las Vegas. The hotel has been remodeled to include all of the modern conveniences one would experience in Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon is just steps away at the Summerlin Hotel.