where is las vegas located

An Overview of Where Is Las Vegas Located

A question that may be on the lips of many visitors to Las Vegas is “What is the best place to be in Las Vegas?” The quick answer to this question is; anywhere in Las Vegas. However, a more complex answer may be given when a visitor or traveler seeks to find out where exactly is Las Vegas located. In this regard, one must understand that Las Vegas is nothing more than fifty square miles of concrete and people.

The location of Las Vegas on a map is a square shape with a dot for each of the sixty-two towns and cities that make up the city of Las Vegas. In addition to a complete layout of all of the towns and cities within Las Vegas, a person can also see what part of Las Vegas is involved in the gambling district known as the Bellagio. To the north of the Bellagio is the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino. North of the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino is the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

Beyond the city of Las Vegas, a tourist might wonder; “Why should I go to Las Vegas?” Las Vegas is simply the capital of the gambling industry in America. There are also a few other places that may be of interest when answering the question, “Where is Las Vegas located?” Two additional places worth exploring when one is asking “What is Las Vegas located at?”

North Las Vegas, also known as North Vegas, is located approximately sixty miles south of the strip. Visitors who are driving to Las Vegas from their home in California could not begin to understand just how important travel to Las Vegas is. Without a doubt, the infrastructure that supports a business in Las Vegas is world class. The resorts and hotels are world famous. Although some may compare the amenities of the casinos in Las Vegas to those found in resorts elsewhere, there is no comparison to the breathtaking Strip view that can be seen from North Las Vegas.

South Las Vegas is on the east side of town. Visitors to Las Vegas who are driving from the west or from another direction will find that they are traveling over a desert area. This means that there is a lack of greenery in the area. The lack of greenery is an unusual feature in Las Vegas. Of course, the lack of greenery does not mean that the views in South Las Vegas are inferior to those found in other parts of the city.

In addition to the aforementioned two towns, there is also a small urban area northwest of the Strip. This is called North Las Vegas. Some compare the Strip to the boardwalk on the East Coast of America, but in actuality there are several differences. The reason that people refer to North Las Vegas as “neighborhood” is because it is not actually a part of the town of Las Vegas proper, but instead is a separate municipality within the state of Nevada.

North Las Vegas is bordered by the Las Vegas Strip on one side and by Lake Meade on the other. People drive over the strip to enjoy all of the shopping that it has to offer. Those living in the area drive down the other side to visit the various educational facilities, art centers, and community facilities that are available in North Las Vegas. Those who commute to work in the downtown area must also take a left turn at the toll booths to head into North Las Vegas. Although many of the features of the Strip are blocked out while one is driving, there are numerous restaurants, shopping centers, movie theaters, and other attractions that are available in North Las Vegas.

With all of these attractions available, it can be very easy to get lost in North Las Vegas. While you will be able to see most of the Strip through the hotel map, some of the most interesting buildings and locations are only accessible via an aerial tour or driving around in a rental car. If you are wondering where is Las Vegas located, it is best that you do your planning before visiting this beautiful town. You will want to ensure that you have plenty of lodging in the area along with transportation to the various attractions. Knowing where is Las Vegas is important for the enjoyment of your trip, but it is also vital to ensure that you have the correct address to the places that you will be visiting while in town.